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     Just had the first cleaning of our house done, and it's beautiful!! Thank you so much!!
Karen N.19/09/2019
     The cleaning service I hired from Edgware Cleaning Company met every single one of my requirements. It meant I didn't have to worry about a thing, could just leave it in their capable hands, and that's something I was very grateful for.
Cherry Stock22/08/2017
     Last week my boyfriend and I moved to a new house and of course we needed to clean the old place before handing the keys back to the landlord. We'd worked with EdgwareCarpetCleaning before, so we didn't hesitate to call them again. They cleaned everything perfectly, even the landlord and the inventory company were impressed. It was a pleasure working with these guys.
Marianne T.21/07/2016
      EdgwareCarpetCleaning is easily the best domestic cleaning agency I've ever worked with!
Warren M.31/05/2016
     We left to go on holiday and my teenage kids threw a party. We came back to find cups, straws, tables and things broken and littered around. It would have taken us days to clean the smell out not to mention the junk, when my husband's sister recommended Carpet Cleaners Edgware. The cleaners arrived the very same day and we were so impressed with their work.
     I wanted my flat cleaning before my parents visited so hired a company my friend used called Edgware Carpet Cleaning. The company was professional and arranged for a member of staff to call and discuss my requirements. I wanted a thorough spring clean covering every room in detail. I wasn't too concerned about the cost as I thought I would only use the service occasionally. Though the quote I was given was very good. The date was booked and the cleaners arrived on time with their detergents and equipment. The friendly cleaners worked hard throughout and made a smashing job. The place was immaculate.
Christian D.27/02/2015
     Hiring Edgware Carpet Cleaning was something I was reluctant about at first, because I'm not really one to let strangers into my home. However I'd just been promoted at work, and my new role means I don't have the time to do my house cleaning myself. I chose this company after reading their online reviews, and have found them to be reliable, polite and very good at house cleaning! I'll continue to use this service in the future.
     If you're after someone who can get you help with a quick clean, then the guys at Edgware Carpet Cleaning are the ones who I always recommend. I often find that, depending on my schedule, if I'm struggling to fit everything into the week then the cleaning is the first thing which is likely to go. However, I do like a clean home and having one helps me relax. I like knowing that I can just give their team a call and in no time at all, I'll be able to relax in the knowledge that they've done the hard work. Always there for me.
Faith Leonard07/01/2015
     Spring-cleaning a something I always dreaded so when I got around to it recently I sought the help of Edgware Carpet Cleaning. I had heard good things about them and knew they could assist me. With them taking care of my cleaning I barley had to do a thing. Not only that, I got a much better results than I would have doing it myself the job was over in a few days and I didn't recognise my abode. It won't be long until my house needs cleaning again, so I'll call them up when it happens.
Mike Ferguson18/12/2014
     From start to finish, working with Edgware Carpet Cleaning has been a pleasure throughout. Not only is their office staff polite and accommodating, their field team is also great to work with. I had asked for some special services, and was apprehensive about how they would do it since this is the first time I was using them. But to my luck, they exceeded all my expectations. Not only was ever inch of my house covered, they even paid special attention to the problem areas that were very stubborn to clean. I am thoroughly impressed with the end result.
Bertie T.04/12/2014
     I am a very hands-on sort of person so I like to potter about around the house. But when it comes to getting the place ready before a big event or a party or some kind of gathering, there is only one cleaning service I trust and that is Edgware Carpet Cleaning. From business dinners for my husband to my daughters' birthday parties, the cleaning contractors at this extraordinary agency have helped me get my home ready and beautiful more times than I can count. Thank you, for always helping me make a great impression on visitors and for making my job as a proud hostess and homeowner so effortless and enjoyable.
Simone Andrews19/09/2014
     I've been trying to find a budget friendly cleaning company that didn't skimp on the actual cleaning for a couple of months now and I finally came across Edgware Carpet Cleaning. I've recommended this company to pretty much everyone I know and I will continue to do so. The professionalism of the cleaners is impeccable! I'm never worried about whether or not my cleaner will know how to do something, no matter what the issue, she's always handled it. The prices are incredible and it actually feels like I'm robbing them instead of it being the other way around.
     I was recently impressed by the state of an acquaintance's home and when I asked her secret, she said it was Edgware Carpet Cleaning. Intrigued to see what they could do for me, I gave them a call and they impressed me with their services. I received a free quote and hired their team immediately. Their staff arrived at my abode and started their work. They managed to clean every inch of my house better than I have ever seen, using the best equipment and techniques. My home has never been cleaner so, needless to say, I will be employing them again to tackle my cleaning chores.
Jack S.20/06/2014
     I needed to find new cleaning staff for my office, but I wasn't sure of where to begin looking, There are lots of local companies that seemed to offer good services, but a look into their reviews and experience told me otherwise! I was starting to give up hope until I found out about Edgware Carpet Cleaning. The reviews all seemed very positive and the prices were suitable for my office budget. I haven't experienced any problems with the staff at all as they're professional and don't get in the way of my employees! A great service for those who run their own office.
Joseph S.17/04/2014
     I own an office space big enough for 20 staff. Since we are all too busy working, we never get any time to clean up. We also rely on take away lunches meaning that it is not unusual to find soda cans or sandwich wrappers lying around. Edgware Carpet Cleaning claimed to offer the perfect office cleaning service so I thought I'd give them a try. I was not disappointed! They were friendly, worked very efficiently and professionally and did not charge me a fortune. I was able to hire them after my office hours so that our work was not interrupted. They were careful around all my expensive equipment and I am more than satisfied!
Fred Brown27/03/2014
     I just had to come on here and leave a big thank you to everyone at Edgware Carpet Cleaning. They have been cleaning my house for years, and doing a stunning job each and every week. I am moving abroad, and actually worry I will never find a company as reliable, trustworthy and good as these guys are and have been to me for quite some time. If you are looking for cleaning professionals who go the extra mile, make sure you give these guys a call. There are friendly, accommodating and efficient, and just provide a super service.
Conrad D.05/12/2013

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